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Strange events and stranger people. Updates from rock 'n' roll dystopia brought to you by the band Lazy 8.

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Sunday, February 24, 2002  
SUNDAY 24th February

Yeah, it's been a while but last night was our first gig in ages. We had the full band. Me, Darren, Tim and Frank the drum-machine. We rocked. I was somewhat dubious about using Frank but Darren's consumate programming made the night (especially the wild, yes!, DRUM SOLOS! Ack!) and everyone still loved it. I think we'll keep him in the band.
"More beer for us," said Tim. Easy to feed, easy to house, no imposing personality disorders to contend with.

Darren played like a rock god and after an amazing solo at the end of 'Cheap Sex and Sushi' collapsed in a very ROCK manner, writhing under his throbbing guitar on stage with squalls of feedback ringing out. Yes. There is a VIBE here. We will RULE THE WORLD.

A friend of the band, G, tried to raid the industrial fridge behind the bar after heckling us. I had to scare him away with my mic stand after he poked me with his pool cue mid-song. Fool. He was caught by the barmaid and reprimanded, however, I doubt he remembers today.

We played 11 songs and met alot of people. I have the feeling that the Railway Hotel will turn into a good local gig. Their booker, Aaron, is on the ball. We've been invited to play next Sunday 3rd March when the hotel hosts a stage for The Brunswick Festival. This will be the day after Woodsy's private do out in the countryside so it will be very rock with *large* hangovers after a two hour drive back to Melbourne.

Tim yelled incoherently and hasn't had this much fun in years. And of course I rocked like the rock goddess that I am. If you licked me you'd get high right now. Come see us.

4:14 PM

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