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Links - Happy Girl and the things she loves.

Links Lists

Luna Music - huge links list for record labels worldwide

Indie Music Zines

Aiding & Abetting - an amazing (and now less ambitious) online indie review zine

Amplifier Online - intelligent online/offline zine

Delusions of Adequacy - one of the web's best known indie music zines

Aquamarine - sweet uk pop zine and tape distribution service

Basement Life - the zine that looks good, smells good and has a new layer of icing

Bubblehead - the life of the Perth (Australia) music scene party

Splendid - the master zine for independent music

Flipout - small, strange and entirely original zine

Cosmik Debris - no frills, all thrills reviews

Echo from Esoterica - beautifully made, skillfully written

Get Fancy - eclectic doesn't even begin to cover these lists

Pop Culture Press - spunky mag for the discerning music freak

Rock The World Magazine - if this site was a band, it'd be Sonic Youth - it's *that* rock

In Music We Trust - it's literate, it's handsome, it's trustworthy - take it home today

Losing Today - pretentious? they just know what they want

Miles of Music - alt. country, rockability, roots rock, pop, americana - respected

Ink 19 - clever and eclectic zine ("music > media > thought")

Magnet Magazine - clear, smart indie zine

Lost at Sea - broadbased arts consumption

Mish Mash - reviews, pure and simple

Pop Matters - they say 'the magazine of global culture'


Plastic Altculture - a great site for the zeitgeist

InterTran™ - the most languages = the most fun

Prompt - Online Translator

Online Saints - One for every profession! See if you're a saint!


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