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Strange events and stranger people. Updates from rock 'n' roll dystopia brought to you by the band Lazy 8.

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The Rocklog of Lazy 8
Thursday, August 01, 2002  
Thursday 1st August

Well, Hello Sailor!

Mmmm. Sporadic. My appologies to those of you who have been hanging to hear about the many strange things that happen to me and Lazy 8. With friends jetting off all over the planet (sigh) I must be more regular. Bran for my Blog. Where to start? Well, as I've said before, each gig is eventful but the most eventful happening recently was when I went to Warrnambool (two r's) with my friends The Flower Pot Gang for the Fun 4 Kids Festival. Now what kind of name is that for a rock band, you're saying. None at all, they're a children's group. And I was a giant daisy.

I learned my routines - 3 songs from the video and 1 when we got to the motel. Phil and Ben (yes, they know) came and got me. Not two suburbs away from home and the filth began. They are dirty, dirty men. Apparently many kid's entertainers are. The tone lowered significantly when the lovely Zoe joined us at Melbourne Airport. She's an ace girl, ex-Cherry, an Aussie Spice Girl group who never quite took off. We all spoke brilliant shit for practically the whole weekend. It was ace.

My mistake: NEVER eat chicken anything from a Road Pantry. Ben and I fed ourselves just before Geelong. Bad. The severity of the bowel turbulence it inflicted on both of us is lesson enough. The smells we emitted all weekend were terrible. Oh, how we laughed.

I will be back with Ben's Dead Face, the dead cat and the costume tomorrow.

5:19 PM

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