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Strange events and stranger people. Updates from rock 'n' roll dystopia brought to you by the band Lazy 8.

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Tuesday, March 05, 2002  
TUESDAY 5th March

God forbid I start to overuse the word 'ROCK', but like the word 'FUCK', it's incredibly descriptive and can be applied in many situations. For example:

This weekend just gone Tim, Darren and I played two Lazy 8 gigs. One at a private party outside Castlemaine (VIC) and one at The Railway Hotel for The Brunswick Music Festival. While the first gig was ok but lacked a little sparkle, a little rock, the second gig ROCKED. We played like fucking ROCK MONSTERS. Tim slammed his bass into a table and spilt beer and broke glass in frustration at being on a non-existent stage wedged into the corner. Darren ROCKED out on some incredibly ROCK guitar lines and stood like the stoic ROCK god we know him to be. Especially after playing drums in his other band, The Bentleys and doing the sound for both acts.

I was possessed by the ROCK spirit and went into full (Ack!) ROCK N ROLL PREACHER mode, begging, pleading, exhorting (oooooooooh), enticing, imploring the audience to feel the spirit of ROCK move within them. Could they feel it? COULD THEY FEEL IT??? They could. Exhausted but solid as a ROCK, we came off stage, drenched in our own ROCKULAR (thanks, Q Mag) fluids. Ack! Two guys from the band Laura both told me I should have tried to connect with the audience more.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The tangy smell of success. We've been asked to headline some shows there in April. All this without a bio or a demo to show. Ack!

Yes. I love this life kiddies and I want more. If you're reading this feel free to email us at
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